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Our friendly neighborhood Walgreens will be here on Saturday and Sunday, November 1st and 2nd to give flu shots. This event will take place in the Library after the 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:45am and 12:30pm Masses. They also will be giving us valuable information on the new Medicare regulations.

VACUNAS CONTRA LA“FLU” Walgreens, nuestra farmacia de la vecindad, estará aqui en ICM el Sábado y Domingo, 1 y 2 de Noviembre para administrar vacunas contra la flu. Este evento tomará lugar en la Libreria después de las Misas de 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:45am y 12:30pm. Ellos también nos daran informarán sobre las nuevas regulaciones del Medicare.

Each Mass on November 2, 2014 will be a remembrance for All Souls Day.
Please place the names of your loved ones on the tree near the altar. You are welcome to place pictures of your loved ones next to the tree at the Mass you attend that day. Please take your pictures home after the Mass.

Calling All Women! Magnificat Ministry for Catholic Women Is excited and pleased to welcome our Bishop, Most Reverend Michael C. Barber, SJ as our November speaker. Join us for breakfast and experience the power and presence of the HolySpirit as Bishop Barber shares his inspirational testimony. November 22, 2014 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Concord Hilton 1970 Diamond Boulevard *Note the change of venue!* Reservations are $28/$35 after Nov. 15th. Please go to the website at www.magnificatsoti.org for info or call Maribel at (925) 788-7762. For IHM table reservations, please contact Ethel Reber at (925) 513-7359

–El dia 27 de Octubre del 2014 en la iglesia a las 7:00pm todos están invitados a participar, uniéndonos en oración al mes del Rosario de la Virgen Maria.

On October 27, 2014 at 7:00pm at the church, everyone is invited to participate in prayer to the month of the Rosary of the Virgin Mary.

Psic. Ferney Ramirez, Psicólogo y Conferencista estará dando una conferencia sobre La Educación de los Hijos en el Hall de la Iglesia IHM, el dia Sábado 1 de Noviembre del 2014 a las 4:00pm. Todos están invitados!

Mr. Ferney Ramirez
who is a psychologist and well known lecturer will give a seminar on the subject of The Education of the Children in the Hall of IHM on Saturday, November 1, 2014 at 4:00pm. Everyone is invited!!

Save the Date:

Our Lady of Fatima prayer event will be held on
Saturday, November 1, 2014 from 10:00am to
1:30pm at the IHM Library. We pray the rosary
for our Lady’s intercession with petitions and


November 2015
“In the footsteps of St. Paul” a pilgrimage to Greece and Turkey. Brochures available in the office or speak
to Fr. Jerry.

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“Evening of Adoration and Reconciliation”
In response to the experience of some 500 Catholic leaders and their pastors from across the United States who took part at the recently concluded Amazing Parish conference in Denver, Immaculate Heart of Mary – Brentwood, CA included, we are cordially inviting you to be part of the “Evening of Adoration and Reconciliation” happening on November 20, 2014, 7PM at our Church. At least seven (7) priests will be available for confession, to happen after a reflection on Luke 5:18-26 about a paralyzed man whose sins are forgiven and instructed by Jesus to take his mat and go home. May this night be for us, the amazing parishioners of IHM, a moment of renewal and grace in the presence of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, with Word of God in the Gospel and through the beautiful music accompanying us the entire evening.

“Una Tarde de Adoración y Reconciliación”
En respuesta a la experiencia de unos 500 lideres Católicos y sus párrocos a través de los Estados Unidos quienes tomaron parte en la reciente concluida y Asombrosa Conferencia Parroquial en Denver, Inmaculado Corazón de Maria - Brentwood, Ca. incluida, nosotros cordialmente los invitamos a que tomen parte en una “Tarde de Adoración y Reconciliación” que tomará lugar el 20 de Noviembre del 2014 a las 7:00pm en la Iglesia. Por lo menos siete (7) sacerdotes estarán disponibles para oir confesiones, que serán después de la reflexión sobre Lucas 5:18-26 que se trata de un hombre paralizado al cuál se le perdonó sus pecados y fué ordenado por Jesús de tomar su esterilla e irse a casa. Que esta noche sea para nosotros, los asombrosos parroquianos de ICM, un momento de renovación y gracia en la presencia del Señor en el Sagrado Sacramento, con la Palabra de Dios en el evangelio y por medio de la hermosa música que nos acompanará durante toda la tarde.

The Church Revealed in Scripture
Join Father Jim for an exploration of Scriptural passages that predict, find and develop the Catholic Church as THE Church founded by Christ. We will look at the Old Testament prophecies, both among the prophets and in Psalms, which tell of a worldwide religion which gives true worship to God. We will examine the words of Jesus about the Church He intends to found. And we will see the actual formation of the infant Church, complete with bishops, priests, deacons, sacraments and above all, the Eucharist, in Acts of the Apostles and the letters of Paul. We will study the Church described in the Book of Revelations, and we will look at the developments in theology and ecclesial organization the first four centuries after Christ. The conclusion is inescapable: "Bible Christianity" is Catholic Christianity. Saturday, November 15 in the Hall. Continental breakfast at 9:30am, talk begins at ten. Lunch provided. Bring your Bible and a rosary. RSVP to Father Jim by November 12 is greatly appreciated

I am happy to announce that the Bishop has invited me to take on a major job with the Diocese in the Continuing Formation of Priests. This will be in addition to my duties at IHM as Pastor. It is my hope that this will not greatly change my presence at IHM, still, at least occasionally, I will need to be at the Chancery office in Oakland and from time to time involved in the continuing education programs and retreats for priests. I am sure that one of the reasons the Bishop asked me to do this is because of the number of priests at IHM, and with their cooperation there should be adequate pastoral oversight. The other reason I am certain is that he is aware of the level of lay support I enjoy as Pastor here. I asked many of you to hold me up in prayer two weeks ago in which I discerned whether it was God’s will for me to take on this additional responsibility. It became clear to me through prayer and consultation with a number of you, that I should do this. Thanks to those who walked with me and prayed for me.
Fr. Jerry

Estoy muy contento en anunciarles que el Obispo me ha invitado a tomar parte en un importante trabajo con la diocesis en la
continuación de la formación de sacerdotes. Esto será en adición a mis obligaciones como Parroco del ICM. Espero que esto no
cambiará mi presencia en ICM, pero de vez en cuando, necesitaré estar en la oficina de la Cancilleria en Oakland y también estaré
involucrado en los programas de educación y retiros para los sacerdotes. Estoy seguro que una de las razones que el Obispo me
pidio de hacer esto es debido al número de sacerdotes que tenemos en ICM, que con sus cooperaciones tendrán suficiente y
adecuada supervisión. La otra razón, estoy seguro, es que el sabe del nivel de soporte que tenemos aqui en ICM y que yo disfruto como Parroco. A muchos de ustedes les pedi hace dos semanas que me recordarán en sus oraciones en lo que discerni que era la
voluntad de Dios que yo tomará está responsabilidad adicional. Vi claramente por medio de oraciones y consultas con mucho de
ustedes que yo tendria que hacer esto. Gracias a todos ustedes que caminaron conmigo y que rezaron por mi.
Fr. Jerry

Our “Adopt a Pledge” program has been successful and we sincerely thank those who are participating in the program. However, our unpaid pledge balance is approx. $153,000.00 and the balance for the Community Life Center loan is $209,000.00. We are so close, but falling short of making pay-off by year-end. We understand some people are not in a position to commit to $1,000 for our “star” program, but can you please commit to increasing your Debt Reduction donation over the next three month period to help us reach our pay-off goal. Remember, $5.00 from everyone sitting in the pews today can make a BIG difference. Thank you.

Nuestro programa de “Adopte una Oferta” ha tenido mucho éxito y nosotros sinceramente les damos las gracias a todos aquellos que participaron en el programa. No obstante todavia tenemos un saldo que no se ha pagado de la oferta de aproximadamente $153,000.00 y el saldo del préstamo del Centro de Vida Comunitaria es de $209,000.00. Estamos cerca en obtener la meta, pero desfortunadamente estamos corto de poder hacer el pago final para fin de año. Nosotros comprendemos que algunos no están en la posición de comprometerse a donar $1,000.00 para nuestro programa de “Estrella” pero si por favor ustedes podrian comprometerse aumentar su donación a la Reduccion de La Deuda por los proximos tres meses para ayudarnos alcanzar a nuestra meta de hacer pagos finales. Acuerdense que $5.00 de cada uno que están sentados en los bancos hoy puede hacer una GRAN diferencia.
Muchas gracias.

Click for the answer...
Click here to read the Status Report.

Parish Mission / Misión Parroquial:

With Mary, we seek to know Christ better and to make him better known through our words and actions.
Con María, nosotros buscamos conocer mejor a Cristo y hacerlo conocer mejor a él por medio de nuestras acciones y palabras.

Bishop Barber is now blogging at
He is sharing photos and impressions from events that he attends or is involved with, as well as his thoughts on news in the world and the Church. This is the newest social media effort in the diocese, and the one that is personally Bishop Baber’s. Follow diocese and cathedral events and news at these channels and please share them with your constituents:

Immaculate Heart of Mary staff and ministries cordially invite you to "An Elegant Affair" fashion show and luncheon. We hope to bring together the ladies of our parish community for a day of celebration with fabulous food, great fashions and fantastic raffle items.

This event will take place on November 8, 2014 in our parish community life center and doors will open promptly at 11:30am.

Tickets are $40.00 each and can be purchased in the parish office. If you have any questions in regard to this event, please feel free to call the parish office at (925) 634-4154, or Joyce Strand at (925) 240-5797.

All net proceeds will be credited to the IHM debt reduction.

2014 Season

The Garden Ministry Volunteers have now completed their 4th Season of growing vegetables for St. Vincent de Paul who distributes the vegetables weekly to those local families & individuals who are in need. This season a record amount, approximately 5,890 lbs. of vegetables, were given away. This brings a four year total of approximately 17,400 lbs. of vegetables given out to those in need. The crops included Tomatoes, Basil, Squash, Zucchini, Chili Peppers, Cucumbers, Honeydew, Cantaloupe & Watermelon. This was made possible with the hard work of 12-16 active Volunteers, guidance & direction from Master Gardeners & Local Growers. Located next to the Agricultural Core of East County allows access to expert advice from local growers & farmers. Our next crop will be Onions, red, yellow & white, & planted during the month of November 2014. During the months of January & February we will start seeds in the Greenhouse for Spring 2015 planting in the garden. If you have an interest in joining this ministry, or have questions, please contact either Dave Fuller at dave.fuller@comcast.net or Ken Klovee


will be holding their annual boutique on
October 24 from 1:00-5:00pm, October 25 from 12 Noon to
8:00pm and October 26 from 8:00am to 2:00pm. Boutique
features homemade items, baked goods, and plants. Tickets on sale
for homemade quilts and other prizes are available. Proceeds to go
IHM Debt Reduction.

El Grupo de CRAFTY QUILTERS tendrá su venta anual empezando
el 24 de Octubre de 1:00pm a 5:00pm, el 25 de Octubre de 12
a 8:00pm y el 26 de Octubre de 8:00am a 2:00pm. En venta
tendrán articulos hechos en casa, dulces, pasteles y plantas. Tiquetes
en venta para rifar una colcha hecha en casa y habrán muchos otros



will be collecting new packaged toys for kids 9-12 and new pajamas for ages 2-8. Toys and pajamas will be collected until December 7, 2014. Items will be given away at the Christmas Gift away on December 13, 2014. A container for collection will be in the vestibule beginning Nov. 1, 2014. If you have any questions, please call Barbara DeDora at 925-550-5637.

estará colectando juguetes nuevos para niños de 9-12 años y pijamas nuevos para niños de 2-8 años. Juguetes y pijamas serán colectados hasta 13 de Diciembre, 2014. Pondremos un recipiente en el vestibulo empezando el 1 de Noviembre, 2014. Estos artículos serán entregados durante “Regalos para Navidad” que tomará lugar el 13 de Diciembre del 2014. Si tiene preguntas, favor de
llamar a Beatriz Elkins at 634-4150.


The International Institute of the Bay Area will be hosting on Saturday, October 25 at Oakley City Hall a workshop to see if you meet all the requirements for U.S. Citizenship.
Call to register at 915-237-8781 ext. 11.

El Instituto Internacional del Area de la Bahia estará ofreciendo un taller el Sábado, 25 de Octubre en el City Hall de Oakley para ver si usted cumple con todos los requisitos de ciudadania.
Para registrase favor de llamar al 925-237-8181 ext. 11.


Come and join the IHM Music Ministry!
Most Rehearsals are on WEDNESDAYS at the IHM Music Rm:
Youth Choir (grades 3-12): 4:00—5:15 pm
9:00 am and 12:30 pm Choirs: 6:30 pm—8:00 pm
Coro de Español: 8:00 pm—9:15 pm
Latin Choir: (Sundays 3:45 pm—4:45 pm)
Orchestra: (Saturdays 3:00—4:00 pm; time may vary on some days)
For more information or to sign-up, contact the Music Ministry Office at
(925) 634-4154, ext. 112.


is a new bilingual ministry here at IHM that
specializes in praying over people with a variety of health issues.
Whether it be physical, spiritual, or mental health, if you are in need of
prayer, the members of La Madre de Tepayac will visit you or your
loved one for prayer, spiritual readings, and fellowship. In order to
schedule a visit, please call the church office and leave your name and
phone number. A member will get back to you to schedule a visit. La
Madre de Tepayac is also looking for more members. If you are
interested, please call the church office and ask to be transferred to Ext.
152 to leave a message.

es un Ministerio bilingue nuevo aqui en ICM
que se especializa en rezar por personas que tienen una variedad de
enfermedades. Aunque si son fisicas, espirituales o enfermedades
mentales, si Ud. necesita oraciones, los miembros de La Madre de
Tepayac lo visitará a Ud. o a su ser querido para orar, leerle lecturas
espirituales y hacerles compañia. Para poder hacer una cita, por favor
llame a la oficina de la parroquia y pregunte por la extension 152 y deje
su nombre y número de telefóno. Uno de los miembros lo llamará de
regreso para hacer una cita. El Ministerio de La Madre de Tepayac
también esta interesado en personas que quieran unirse a este grupo. Si
Ud. esta interesado(a), por favor llame a la oficina parroquial y pregunte
por la extension 152 para dejar un mensaje."


Please join us for some fellowship and breakfast treats twice a month, in rooms Luke and John. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other moms with young children in our parish and to share the love of Christ. A child care provider will be on site.

Knights of Columbus and Italian Catholic Federation

Come visit with your fellow parishioners and
welcome our new parishioners at the pancake
breakfast today. Co-sponsored with the
Ministry of Divine Mercy (Sp). Breakfast hours are 8:00 am to noon.

Caballeros de Colón y la Federación Católica Italiana

Vengán a visitar con sus amigos parroquianos y darles la bienvenida
a los nuevos parroquianos al desayuno de panquecas ern el dia de hoy.
Esta función esta patrocinada con el Ministerio de la Divina
Misericordia(Sp). Horario del desayuno es de 8:00 am a 12:00 pm.


The Knights of Columbus
& Italian Catholic Federation

Come visit with your fellow parishioners and welcome our new parishioners at the pancake breakfast on Hospitality Sunday, the first
Sunday of each month, Co-sponsored with the Hospitality Ministry
for the given month. Breakfast hours are 8:00 am to noon. See you
at our donation only breakfasts.

Caballeros de Colón
y la Federación Católica Italiana
Desayuno de Panquecas
Vengan a visitar con sus amigos parroquianos y darle la bienvenida a
los nuevos parroquianos al desayuno de panquecas en el Domingo de
Hospitalidad, el primer Domingo de cada mes. Esta función esta
patrocinada con el Ministerio de Hospitalidad en cada mes. Horario
del desayuno es de 8:00 am a 12:00 pm. Nos veremos a estos
desayunos y agradecemos donaciones.

Since 2007, Council #7467 of the Knights of Columbus and Branch #432
Italian Catholic Federation of Immaculate heart of Mary Branch has sponsored scholarships for graduating high school seniors.
[Read More]

Come and Join us on EVERY FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH for the cenacle of the Marian Movement of priests. The group prays the Rosary and offers up the intentions primarily for the Pope, Bishops and priest worldwide.
Time and Place: 10 am—Hall C Fr. Jim Sullivan is the advisor for our group sessions.

What's New
The following is a list of recent additions or changes to our website.

11/02/14—Debt Reduction
11/30/14– St. Vincent de Paul
11/02/14—Reducción de la Deuda
11/30/14—San Vicente de Paul

Have something to publish in the IHM Bulletin? Please submit your request to: bulletin@IHMBrentwood.com

OFFICE AT 634-4154.

Need to schedule use
of facilities? Please submit
request to:

THE MINISTRY OF CARING has started a support group
for Widows/widowers.
Come join the meetings
on Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:00pm in Hall B.


The Support Group meets in Walnut Creek at St. Mary Church on the third Thursday of the month from 7:00 to 9:00pm....
[Read More]

Bishop Barber
visits St. John Vianney on Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014, to celebrate St. Vincent de Paul Contra Costa County's 50th anniversary...
[Read More]

Gran Kermes
Venta de antojitos: tamales, burritos, popusas, tacos de carne asadas y mucho mas, 09 de Noviembre 2014, 7:30am a las 3:00pm, en la plaza de la iglesia...

[Read More]

Worldwide Marriage Encounter
The next Worldwide Marriage encounter Weekend is November 21-23 held in Livermore/Pleasanton.....
[Read More]

Registered IHM parishioners who would like to have their 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade children tutored in reading and/or math, at no cost to parents, may register their children...

[Read More]


Adult Catholics who have not received Confirmation
Classes started September 18, 2014; however, we still have openings. Group meets every Thursday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm in Classroom Matthew.....
[Read More]

Please join us for the All Saints and Angels Carnival on Friday, Oct. 31st. From 5:30pm to 8:00pm in the Hall....
[Read More]


“In the footsteps of St. Paul” a pilgrimage to Greece and
Turkey, November 2015....
[Read More]

Women’s English: October 24-26, 2014...
[Read More]

Erinn Bagnaschi,
Ext. 116...
[Read More]

Please join us for some fellowship and breakfast treats. Meetings will be offsite. Our first meeting starts Thursday, September 11, 2014 from 8:45am to 11:15 am ...
[Read More]

Have you ever thought of becoming a Sister?
Single Catholic women
ages 18-40 are invited to a prayerful and reflective Religious Vocation Discernment
Weekend Retreat with the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, Oct. 10-12, 2014, Los Altos Hills, CA...
[Read More]

Movimiento Familiar Cristiano Católico
Por una Familia más Feliz Estimados hermanos en Cristo y María....

[Read More]

SPRED or (Special Religious Education) is sharing our faith with young people...
[Read More]

Jaime H. Velasco is the Founder and President of “Educated Angels.” This is an organization that is open to every student that is having a difficult time understanding a specific subject....
[Read More]

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